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Shenzhen MOOTOOM Engineering Co., Ltd.
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In the last decade of 20th Century, MootooM engineers had been designed the first large format printer in China, said model 750, which is still popular in the modern market due to the low cost and easy operation.

In the first decade of 21st century, MooTooM engineers have developed the most popular, affordable and durable equipment solutions for the sign making, outdoor advertising and aircraft marking industries. UV LFP for indoor and out door purpose, Vinyl plotters, Laser graving device, Jetinks etc.

In the year of 2012, MooTooM set up the joint venture in Shenzhen with Taiwan Qinbaiyang Processing Company to produce more precise printing machines.

Nowadays, MooTooM has been the leading supplier of digital printing equipment worldwide. Within our sales brochure we offer the best products available in China . Most of these products are produced in our own factory so we are confident of their performance and reliability.

Performance and reliability are of course of paramount importance but so too is value for money. Therefore our costs are carefully controlled to give you the best value for money ratio.

Training and support has been vital to our success and we pride ourselves in the way we look after our customers.

The web pages detail our products and services, so whatever you need, Mootooh can always help, whether its friendly advice or a full system.  

About us:Shenzhen MooTooM caters to all your demands for printing equipment,such as large format printer,thermal bubble inkjet printer,solvent printer,piezo-electric printer,cutting plotter,flag printer, cartridge and ink.Contact us at +86-15915890327