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Common faults and possible solutions/causesⅡ
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Common faults and possible solutions/causes

Problem8.When powered, the carriage moves normally, but when printing, the carriage keeps moving with vibration to the left, and does not stop until system halted.

Possible solutions:

1) Check whether the driver is correct.

2) Check the encoder sensor and the order of encoder sensor lines.


Problem9.When powered, the carriage cannot move. Push the carriage, you find the carriage hasn’t been fixed tightly.

Possible solution:

Replace brushless motor.


Problem10.Feeding motor keeps unwinding media.

Possible solutions:

1) Check whether the sensor and feeding motor wire work normally.

2) Check whether the media feeding system board works normally.


Problem11. When powered, the ink flows out from the secondary ink box.

Possible solution:

Check whether the ink pump and secondary ink box are defective or whether the lines of constant voltage are disordered.


Problem12.When printing, no matter which pass mode you choose, the printed image looks fuzzy.

Possible solution:

   There is a little gap in the junction part of worm and gear, so when the first step to print, the feeding    roller only rolls the half paper.

Suggestion: Every time before printing, you’d better roll some paper (about 5cm).

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