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Operating Attentions for MT-6640 Printer
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Operating Attentions for MT-6640 Printer

1.“Purge” function is forbidden in MT-6640 series.

       It will easily cause damage to the nozzle by forcing ink out from the cartridge, as a consequence, the service life of cartridge get reduced.

2.Closing the Fire Wall of your computer

If not, the data transmission will be interfered, and then printer stops printing halfway.

3.640 nozzles in each cartridge for MT-6640 printer

The ink-breaking seldom happens, therefore you don’t need to move cartridge when pass band and ink-breaking do not happen. Frequent ink pumping from the cartridge results in cartridge damage.

4.Six colors printers are sensitive to the voltage

Voltage stabilizer is recommended to be installed, because low voltage causes cartridge error, while high voltage causes cartridge damage.

5.Machine Settings

       Close the printing calibration;

Keep the carriage speed under 8;

Can't use the servo cycle test (Easily cause ink splashing).

6.Don't operate the machine when there is something wrong with it.

7.Don't clean if the raster is ok.

If it is dirty, cleanse it with clean water (alcohol is not recommended), in addition, the guide rail should be added lube oil regularly.

8.Too much ink in the ink tank will affect the service life of cartridge by increasing cartridge pressure. Normally, for new cartridge, 20ml is enough (too much or less both affect).

9.Ground wire should be connected correctly.


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