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MOOTOOM inkjet printers have been highly approved by lots of users because of its professional printing technology and stable performance, which make MOOTOOM inkjet printer be the best choice for clients.
After the purchasement of MOOTOOM printer, the first-time installation of a new inkjet printer is also essential and important, we also should pay high attention to it, otherwise unnecessary malfunctions may happen and bother you.


Tips for first-time installation of a new MOOTOOM inkjet printer:


1. Preparation Before Installation

1). Checking the package.
When receive the printer, please carefully check the package to make sure there was no damage, break, or any theft spoiling happened during transportation or delivery.
MOOTOOM printers are packed in strong wooden carton and filled with high qualified foam styrene and vinyl bags, which could protect printer from pressure and shaking, to avoid damage and surface scratch due to various bumping in shipping process.


2). Checking the accessories.
After unpack the package, please check if all items or accessories are in the package, such as maintop, CD, tools for installation, relevant wires and other normal spare parts.


3). Providing a good environment.
Check if the voltage is stable, if the temperature and humidity are reasonable, if the ventilation is good, and avoid laying the printer near street, being exposed to the dust.
At the same time, provide the condition for taking the earth lead to the corresponding computer for operating printer and the relevant UPS, which  could make sure the working voltage be stable and the working environment be safe.


2. Notes For Installation

1). Assemble the stands and the main printing unit according to reference guide.
In this procedure, make sure that every relevant parts are in right position and all screws are fastened firmly, so as to avoid shaking after installation.


2). Install and correctly connect print head, ink damper, ink tube, data cable and carriage board.
Print head installation must be done strictly according to reference guide or technician suggestion, including print head fixing and connection with ink damper and ink tube.

Besides, pay high attention to the connection between data cables and print head.

a. Be aware of the right position and sequence of data cables, and confirm how to connect and operate.
b. Do not try by yourself when you are not clear about the connection because wrong connection may cause damage on the print head. You’d better ask the technician for advice first when you are not sure.
c. When finishing connection, please double check to make sure they are well connected and then you can power on the printer to start operating.


3). Install the cartridge.
According to reference guide complete the cartridge installation and ensure that the connection between ink tube and cartridge is good and tight without air leakage or hole and then you can fill proper ink into cartridge and do not exceed optimum ink volume of different cartridge.
In addition, confirm that the ink pump work well by filling ink and pumping ink automatically or manually, then ensure that ink flushing and spraying work well, finally test printing results.
If above all are in good condition, the printer installation is completed successfully.


4). Connect to computer.
According to reference guide connect to computer with network cable. And the computer IP address should be set up, the related software and driver should be installed in the computer.



Moreover, if you are MOOTOOM user, please refer to MOOTOOM printer installation video or consult our technician. For first-time using the inkjet printer, users should learn more and pay attention to the training about operation, so as to obtain a trouble-free using experience with MOOTOOM.

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