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During long time continuous media feeding for printing large format images, if unsmooth media-feeding and media-bulging happen, it will effect printing image quality.


Therefore, once the operator find that the media feeding is unsmooth and media is bulging in printing progress, it must be adjusted immediately, to avoid ink rubbing of image, and unnecessary ink marks left in the original image. At worst of all, excessive media bulging will scratch the print head surface and nozzles which may finally damage the print head. It not only effects the printing time, but also wastes the consumables, such as, printing media and ink . In the end, the printing cost will be higher.



What is the media bulging? What cause the media bulging during printing? Here are some main causes:


1. Media. If the media is unqualified, of course it will lead to unsmooth media feeding and media bulging. In addition, if the media is affected with damp, which will also cause media bulging, so we shall choose the superior media and keep it properly.


2. Abnormal media-feeding system.If media taking-up system and feeding system are out of sync or there are some barriers in feeding system, the media bulging will happen.In addition, checking the gap between the media and the media pincher or pinch roller, if it is reasonable, if it is too tight, pls adjust it properly. Defect and lack of tension of the pinch roller, block of the pinch roller will cause problems in media feeding, which finally result in media bulging problem.


3. Abnormal platform media suction. If the suction fans of the platform do not work, the media could be attached to the platform well, and then in printing progress the media will run in confusion and the media will bulge.


Now, you must know the causes about the media bulging. When you encounter this problem, just check it from the 3 aspects listed above and then it will be easy for you to solve the problem.

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