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The Solution To Ghosting And Dislocation Of Printing
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Functional and stable inkjet printers are very popular large format printing equipments, which not only make you more convenient and easy to operate, but also to protect normal printing from all kinds of problems.


And, Ghosting and dislocation of printing is one of FAQS. What result in this problem and how to deal with it and solve it, you could reference to following.


Just like office printers, Inkjet printers also could print vivid images which similar to original images. With right operation and reasonable images, if ghosting and dislocation happen to printing images, users could find out main reasons and solve it from following aspects:


1. Checking the raster.
If the raster seem to one in normal working condition, because it is a key of locating images and any dirts are unable to attached to it. If you find there are dirts in the raster, you need to clean it. Especially in daily operation, the raster easy to be polluted by dust and ink, which will impact on normal using. Therefore, you could test after cleaning the raster. If there are really problems in the raster, you can change a new one and whose price is low, which can easily to solve it.


2. Checking the carriage.
If the carriage can move smoothly, because carriage-moving is a key to control printhead to accurate location and printing ink. If carriage moving be blocked due to exceed resistance, the printhead will print ink in confusion, which will lead to ghosting and dislocation of printing. Under this condition, you need to check the wiper, copper and so on, check if there is strange matter in those and if they are abrasive. After sorting out, you can solve it satisfactorily with lubricating oil.


The listed 2 skills are shared to you, hope that are helpful and easy for you to solve the ghosting and dislocation of printing.

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